What is the credit limit?


Your available credit limit will be $12,500.00.


Do we run credit?


We generally do not run credit for approval; however, we reserve the right to soft or hard pull your credit profile for verification purposes only.


Why do I need to verify my ID?


We require the verification of your ID to prevent fraudulent use of your personal information and to make sure we have received accurate information.


Do we sell your information?


No, we do not sell your information. All information collected is used for establishing your credit line account only.


Do I need to make a purchase to apply?


Yes, you will need add $300.00 or more to your shopping cart before you can apply for financing.



Why do I need to purchase something?


Our credit line is issued for product purchases and we need to have an open balance on your account to establish your credit line?



Product Refund Policy?


We a no refund exchange only policy on product purchases. Products may be subject to a restocking up to %50 if products show unusual wear and tear or missing original package.


Do I need to pay any monthly fees?


Yes, you will need to pay your monthly minimum payment and your $19.99 service fee.



What is the $19.99 service fee for?


This service fee is for account management fees.

Can I cancel anytime?


Yes, you may can your service fees anytime which will close your account and any outstanding payments will be due at that time.


Do we report to credit bureaus?


Yes, your positive and negative payment history will be reported to 2 or more credit bureaus.



Do we assist in building credit?

No, we do not guarantee aid in building or rebuilding credit, or to the posting of any positive references to any credit report. Your account may take up to 60 days before appearing on your credit report.